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DJs are always on the go, from pulling up to an event, unloading equipment for a wedding to flying cross country. You need a site that you can access from your mobile device. You can listen and download music straight to your smart phone/tablets as well as cloud storage sites like Dropbox and Google Drive. So when you get to your setup your music is there all ready to go.

Easy to Use.

As Christian Djs we fully understand the struggle of finding new music to play at your shows and events.

That’s why we built an app that you can start using in minutes. No guesswork needed. Log in, search, play, and download music now.

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Membership Options

Pro DJ Plan

$19.99 mo.

Unlimited Downloads Members are required to upload a monthly playlist Monthly Recurring Subscription 60% Savings

Standard DJ Plan

$49.99 mo.

Unlimited Downloads Members are NOT required to upload a monthly playlist Monthly Recurring Subscription

Frequently Asked Questions

Playlists are one of the benefits we can offer labels and artists as music pushers. With feedback from our XRP DJs, we can identify which playlists are going to provide the most prominent coverage by highlighting the songs which high streaming potential. By adding releases to the playlists we feel are most likely to boost popularity, we give labels and artists the best chance possible of building a broad listener base and maximizing exposure. As working DJs, it is our job to make sure digital releases get the chance to be heard by a global audience. Playlist also help us to create charts and nature our relationship with labels and artist.
No, membership gives you access to download from our extensive library. There are no additional fees.
Mobile DJs, Club DJs, Radio DJs, Radio Stations, Radio Shows, Music Podcasters and Entertainers are eligible to join.
The XRP DJ Music Pool is a Faith Based up and coming online music source for all professional DJs, Radio Stations and Radio Shows. As a registered member, you will be given access to hundreds of new tracks every month. This includes radio versions, instrumentals, Acapellas and 8 bar intros.
Any information you provide is for XRP DJ Record Pool purposes only and are strictly confidential. However, XRP will occasionally share your region, DJ Name, and playlist with artist and labels.
No, you MUST be a DJ, a radio station, radio show or music podcaster. Record labels and Artist can sign up to upload new music but will not be a monthly subscriber.
Music will be updated frequently if not daily. When logged on, you can search through the numerous genres and preview each song. You will be able to submit your feedback of each song and comment on each song. It’s that easy!
Members on the PLAYLIST plan (option 1) are required to upload their first playlist by the end of their first full calendar month of membership. For example, you joined on January 15, so your first playlist needs to be uploaded by February 28.
Members who sign up for “Option 1” yet fail to submit a monthly playlist will be subject to their account being upgraded to a non discounted “option 2” account. “Option 2” accounts are billed at the non discounted price of $49.99 monthly.

Top 10 Songs

1 I'm Tired (feat. Tony Whoa & Serenade) Kajmir Kwest
2 2 Good Chris Cobbins
3 #HEDIDITFORME (feat. Ryan Daniel) TRU-SERVA
4 1 World (Sean McCabe Remix) Michele Chiavarini
5 #1 Fan Canon
6 [wonder working] All Creatures
7 Before and After (feat. Amanda Lindsey Cook) Elevation Worship & Maverick City Music
8 Woodman Ave (feat. Javonte & Che'nelle) Chris Jackson
9 12 Rounds Ft. Happi Becca Folkes
10 #Squad Galactus Jack & Geek Boy